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Your professional construction partner in Berlin

  • Handyman

    This includes: drilling in concrete and drywall, hanging items, assembly of furniture, painting, small home repairs

  • Electrical

    Full knowledge of licensed electrician including new electrical installations, upgrading old installations, and breaker panel replacements/upgrades

  • Plumbing

    Full knowledge of license plumbing including new plumbing installation, upgrading old installations, changing main water and sewage lines

  • Gas Servicing

    This includes: verification of gas piping, installation of new gas piping, installation of new gas furnaces, servicing has furnaces

  • Flooring Installation

    Installation of panel and pre-finished hardwood flooring

  • Kitchen Installation

    Installation of kitchens including cabinet assembly, levelling, countertop (laminate/wood) installation, cutouts, connections of electrical appliances and faucet and sink

  • IT Installation

    Familiar knowledge of IT infrastructure including setting up telecommunication and network infrastructure, server rooms, patch panels network switches, wireless accesspoints, cable routing, and finishing

  • Moving Services

    Transportation of items with the provision of a vehicle and movers

  • Debris Removal

    Removal and disposing of trash or debris with provision of a vehicle and staff

  • Painting

    Preparing and painting walls and ceilings with proper detailing

  • Plastering

    Preparing and plastering walls and/or repairing wall damage

  • Tiling

    Tile installation, backsplash installation, tile replacement, bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, floor and wall tiling

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